Monday, October 31, 2016

confirmed: anti-women, fake illuminati, fake Lillith poser. Just making money instead of real magic.

They say: ""watch out for this man he said he wants to destroy all Muslims and Jews and he wants to destroy everyone even the Russians i think he needs to be stoped "(lie really, mostly these ones want to destroy evil actually, and Russia was invented by Criminals about 1000 years ago as ISlam, ..Russia was made by RURIK, Norway-Sweden criminal Wiking in co-operation with Roman-Geek Pederasty Empire, (look how Russia got hes/"Her" name and what is their state logo from Roman Homo War empire 1:1..besides pentagrams... as in EU taurus surrendered... to Americas..)
 if to be word on word more exact... we must eliminate Russia to save some last nations out of hundreds who are eliminated inside this Soviet mad-house, who are kept in intoxicated and in poisoned up to now, making this rich land extremely poor and keep blaming some external powers as in Orwell 1984...  (alcohol is one of their main tool for eliminating superpowers and nations, cigarettes another one... ))

(Can read Book about this: Anna Reid, isbn 978-9985-62-670-2)

They Using Alice Goodwin stolen pictures to make cheap propaganda it seems, 

Look picture in here: 
Alice Goodwin

and in here:
Her Agency is notified.

//  Seems they spread communist-capitalist weak-minded, Anti-God people project.. one of these cheap " Illuminati " and Wannabe Lillith groups, that there is hundreds of, most from Nigeria and from no-lifers, dirty life suckers. 
(ILU-MINA-ti ilu: Beauti, MINA: Me .:. .. do i need to say more in Estonian? Who also know who is Anu-nakki aka ANU: Normal Estonian woods women name, NÄKK, NÄKKI - a spirit woman with great power and beauty, ... the ones who went to enlighten Sumerians and started the world Up there.. that some man managed to turn upside down with their dirty black magic... mating with what is not allowed and making greatest sin ever: stepping against Woman, so... plan was to turn this place in to entire Worlds, evil elimination place, ... where Good kind and bad kind WILL attract evil and will turn it in to good or will burn IT as long there is no dirt left  )
so, also, lets save these-kinds in to here.. in Internets... besides our own files.. 
 so it will be saved in public internet history as well, as a sample of many of these kinds..,
You mess with a Lilith, pose on Her name,.. you will get what is needed, on time..
 Anime Shaman - Lillith on Anime for explaining another Dimension

* (members, look at our Deep archive in private database, about all other posers like this and their real background information, and what kind of magic is best to use for against various anti-life cells. How to spot and test them.  )

Front page
ewarded greatly for helping me by reading this books you will finnally understand who i really am and what is going to happen to all of you incompitant maggotts if you do not buy my books then leave my page and never come back or buy them and you will have all the knoledge in the world and powers to see the truth and know the real histry of God and Goddess which i am the one and only Goddess the one and only mother of all so look on my page and get the link or speak to my PR Lens Kroos i do not speak to ones who diobey me
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Margus Meigo Little bit to push'y for Lillith,
But i get You, the first will maker and first and last
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Lilith Lionhell well at leat someone finally gets me
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Here was to see, based on what they Ban, as of fear,of truth coming out... simple thing how to see if person is evil and stanist, mix some bible and psychedelics together,with Female Power, and see if they like it or not, 
Good will like, Evil will be afraid of it.. and make face as they did not notice anything..
this is just one example made public, out of many... in many ways..
Easy also to recognize evil, as them always try to be against Jews, on the side of Greek-Roman homo dark demon patriarchy, the robot system supremacy ... with all the other sickos like Pluto and Aristotle and..

Lilith Lionhell
29 October 
"watch out for this man he said he wants to destroy all Muslims and Jews and he wants to destroy everyone even the Russians i think he needs to be stoped "

Tyler Rogers Revelation 2:9 I know your afflictions and your poverty--yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

Matthew 7:15 - Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
Lilith Lionhell i used to be married to this piece of crap he was know as Mantos he is in the books the chronicals of the chosen one he is a fucking coward and piece of shit and soon he will be destroyed
Lens Kroos i recommended

Trilogy books of Chronicles of the Chosen One: the real secrets and true mysteries of Lilith - Book part 1 & The Chronicles and Historical Notes on Immortals: Two Gods from Hell the Mythology of the Gods: the true story of the creation - the book of Repair - Book part 2".

both novels availiable now on amazon

A graphic novel trilogy based on different doctrines, Secret knowledge of the Occult and multiple other mythologies. In order to see more details about the books, go to Sam's website -

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John Struthers One man's god is another man's demon. We all come from the infinite source
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Lens Kroos Indeed, you are not wrong
Lens Kroos John! You'll enjoy Lilith's books
John Struthers I will I love mythology ad reading about marduk too
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Lens Kroos This "true" mythology of the Immortals was illustrated and written over the span of 20 years (with the help of a fallen Goddess and with the help of many other deities) through dreams, and memories from past incarnations. The cast of characters include...See more
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John Struthers If you can interface with Sam he's actually quite funny
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John Struthers You should also read urantia
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Lens Kroos marduk It is also one of the names of Samael
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Lens Kroos I love all mythologies
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John Struthers Same here it's actually the truth
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Lens Kroos

Online shopping from a great selection at…
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Lens Kroos You're right it's actually the truth
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Lens Kroos I'm a good friend of Samael
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John Struthers He's the first one I met when I ascended
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Lens Kroos Check also the website of Samael
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Lens Kroos and this one too
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John Struthers Thanks sent you s friend request
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Lens Kroos you welcome
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Lens Kroos Who is the one that you met when you ascended?
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Lens Kroos sam lionhell?
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John Struthers Then he got saddled up with Baal
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Lens Kroos Definitely you will love the books
Lens Kroos John! You are a fallen angel
Lens Kroos You are mentioned in these books
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Lens Kroos Baal and samael are various incarnations, In fact the same God but split
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John Struthers It's all part of the aspect game lens I wilk explain it to you.
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Lens Kroos ok good
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John Struthers It was first explain Ed to my by a reptile named cmdr hatonn
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Lens Kroos I'm listening
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Lens Kroos The Anunnaki
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John Struthers We're all sparks or fragments of the infinite source so basicky all famiky
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Lens Kroos It is also written about them in the books of Lilith
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Lens Kroos i know that
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John Struthers Yes Baal Sam marduk are just aspects do to speak. I'm an aspect if baal
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Lens Kroos I familiar with the area
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John Struthers Now when all the aspects merge down under that's the great Satan
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Lens Kroos Na'ama is also Ishtar
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Lens Kroos yes i know
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Lens Kroos You are right my friend
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John Struthers It's all kinds tripped out. You come fro the dam side of things I suppose
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John Struthers I mean the Sam side of things
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John Struthers I could talk about this with you all night
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John Struthers But inbox me later and well have a discussion
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Lens Kroos He claims he is God but in fact he is Lucifer
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John Struthers There's actually many aspect of lucy. Another is supreme David Rockefeller
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Lens Kroos All these people are going against the divinity
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Lens Kroos They are pretend to be God
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Lens Kroos Therefore the great and terrible day of the God of vengeance arrives
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John Struthers Well I'm also a member of the cosmic brotherhood and i don't worry about how is god and who isn't. In fact we are all God
Lens Kroos It's no secret Everything changes
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John Struthers I wilk cone back in s little while
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Lens Kroos Na'ama is the Divine Presence
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Lens Kroos Na'ama is the mother of the angels
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Lens Kroos in fact, Na'ama is the original Soddess Lilith
Lens Kroos in fact, Na'ama is the original Goddess Lilith
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Lens Kroos the Pure One
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Lens Kroos Read the books my friend

Online shopping from a great selection at…
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Lens Kroos You will not regret it
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Lens Kroos It is the truth of the one and only truth of the Immortals
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Lens Kroos me and Lilith will be glad if you can help us to promote the project (the books) It is important to spread the knowledge to the world, everyone should be exposed to this hidden truth
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Lens Kroos Most people are afraid to know the truth, but they do not realize that salvation depends on it too
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Lens Kroos Apocalypse means: to reveal the hidden secrets
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Lens Kroos Now everyone has the last chance to know the truth, before it's too late, Time is ticking
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Lens Kroos (Samael) Lionhell (Author, Illustrator, Editor)
Trilogy books of Chronicles of the Chosen One: the real secrets and true mysteries of Lilith - Book part 1 & The Chronicles and Historical Notes on Immortals: Two Gods from Hell the Mythology of the Gods: the true story of the creation - the book of Repair - Book part 2". both novels availiable now on

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Lens Kroos Interview with Sam & Na'ama Lionhell
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Lens Kroos Dare to read the books
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John Struthers I will explain who I am and what I'm doing here in earth Shan
Margus Meigo No beard, no psychedelics, and ... how can we be sure then again ?
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Margus Meigo

Write a reply...
Margus Meigo .:.
AnyOne (most likely) who besides Zen or Christian faith promotes something High Godly but "forgets" to mention the psilocybin or Amanita muscaria a like plants, is just a hook for another demon, as they afraid to let You access direct secrets and intelligence,
they want to be middle man (or Lady) and sale for You what boasts their own inner power and Ego, and serves Satan by keeping You away from all the tools from time to space's travel to travel to Lilith's flesh.
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Margus Meigo There is no Alien Religions of Secret brotherhoods worth a shit,
in LONG term, on Eyes of Her, who keeps Man away from tools that would clean Him from prison in a mind
and would turn him to understanding, that only door for Your soul, is trough Her heart, has always been and will be, the Matriarchy

Mark 3:28-30: "Truly I tell you, all sins and blasphemes will be forgiven for the sons of men. But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven, but is guilty of an eternal sin. He said this because they [the Pharisees] were saying, 'He has an evil spirit'."
Eternal sin - Wikipedia

Margus Meigo In Bible, Holy Spirit and a Wisdom (and entire chapter of Salomon (mother) Wisdom Words, Proverbs, is a Women speaking to man kind, from a man, and from a women directly by the 8:24 times..)

You can Sin against God,
is ok, as You here also because You lost understanding of the one Truth, ONE God, (not some imaginary metaphysical "gods".. who sucks off energy and power from God skin and ...)
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Margus Meigo basically in human language,:
War is between who is on Woman side and who is not.

The battle is between the ones, who understand that they are made FOR Woman, and woman made FOR man a Earthly Woman with a God,
(and loads of other scientists and magicians, wizards, ..., aliens, spirits and Angels, choose your name and category, matter only, the understanding, that up to the point what man is limited, even if they are here, for ruling the Angels )

Margus Meigo Them also have go a lot on to this, from Earthly point of view:
" But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honor; that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man. (Hebrews 2)

The above verses indicate that both man and Jesus were ‘made a little lower than the angels’ but that dominion was to be given to both man and to Jesus. The Greek text for ‘the son of man’ in Hebrews 2:6 (uioV anqrwpou) refers to a fleshly son of Adam, not Jesus, who is always referred to in Greek scripture specifically as ‘the son of the man’:

20 And Jesus saith unto him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of the man (uioV tou anqrwpou) hath not where to lay his head. ((Matthew 8)

There is another sense in which man is inferior to the Angels today. That is in his mortality. Whilst the Angels have an indefinite lifespan, being non physical, Mankind, according to our understanding, has a maximum genetic lifespan of some 120 years today, although it has been larger than this in the past - I15. This will be remedied in the Kingdom of God:"

Margus Meigo Being on Women side, also means, not afraid to go to Her when she will tear Your head off for taking spear out of Her heart that another Your kind injected there with Your fingerprints,

for knowing, if You die for saving Her, at least, if some of You get it done, some man kind will be lucky, ...not even knowing about it.. but most of all, heavens will know about it, and She will become more then even ..being able to Join in with rest of separated Her.;KJV;OJB

Parallel Bible view... of passage.. important.. Proverbs,about Her
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