Friday, November 25, 2016

muslims and what not

Rob Fox these dogs r more british than any of tose dirty muslim cunts
Jasmin Eggzy Malone why you being racist for bro? thought better of you than that
Rob Fox na na na na na but ya but no I like black people just tjhe thing is I aint keen on the white left wing red necks like hjillery clinton who bends over and takes it up her crack for a blaze on the crack but apart from that na baby bitch I aint racist but u know who is david cameron and his mum that's who
Margus Meigo racism good, the good kind of racism,
i totally think it is better then parasitism
parasitism on steroids, oblivious nearsighted inconsiderate ignorant careless unconscious parasitism in the end,
and the anti-racism
the leftists, that is for hate of races, for elimination of races, by not caring about races and how to keep them cleaned (original, diverse) and separated (specially from lover community standards or genes)
so by keeping so, human species can grow and stay diverse and alive for ever, every race developing and keeping their own special traits and skills and knowledge that can be shared and experienced, 10 000 times more times million, compared to if there is just one mix of all in one, that is nothing in the end, no roots or mission or originality to exchange with other country's and cultures.

i just can not get the race haters, the anti-racists, why they so much hate human species and all cultures and 10 000 + year long hard work and heritage that they want to just as a freaking commies to mix all in to one graybrown pot of equal slavery.
Some specially retarded male ones even want to make man and women equal , that is so sick idea, evil one, for keeping female imprison for ever, in "level with man",
but you know then there is No level for man to reach, no mission.. as rest of the nature what takes road by female in the end, always
to force female to be equal with man and to trick broken beaten down gender confused softened heart broken family bitter women to promote this Greek-Roman anti-women homosexual degrading idea, is just be on the level of my emotional border to express, how over the border Not good it is for human species. For who women birth them self, so man can develop and evolve to protect nature and learn to love.

Epistemologist, antropology Dr. Meigo Margus
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Margus Meigo

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Rob Fox well u see how it is mahamad was a wrongun and look what all these migrants r doing oi aint racist I dopnt like muslims and romanos come on I aint left or roght wing I'm the original noro virus
Jasmin Eggzy Malone blocked  dont do racists I have muslim family and find this offensive
Rob Fox don't lie the malone family are all irish amnd no where near islamic unless u marryed a muslim plus my problem is with the white migrants who sit on tjhe rock and roll when they should be listenoing to the rock and roll all muslims want is a good bacon and lettuce and tomato sandwhich or sopme pulled pork I love a nit of pork sausage
Rob Fox come on baby bitch I don't get to wind peoplew up in pewrson so I do it on here u must addmit its funny a tramp like me voting for trump. just so clinton didn't get in what ya up to still doing legal highs
Margus Meigo i did not get it, did you find your Muslim family and it is offensive
or did You find your Muslim family to be offensive

No need to block others for our own problems, to separate people, to be ... so ....anti religious, that start to imagine we not to be God children and choose with our human mind who to eliminate just based on words that was not for insulting out of weakness but for an activation of intelligence, for a chance for >You to look in to a issue and actually think, feel about it, from many perspectives and from many different upbringings and possessions,
it is a chance for ya to look up some educational things and share with others
Like for example, :
(this guy bdw is direct descendant from a bible)

Margus Meigo

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Rob Fox didn't know we were freinds any how plus I love all people just not right wing muslims
Margus Meigo current mayor is from extreme left wing Marxist globalist club Fabian human species messuppers
they also in to global slave system based on pension and minimum wage (to trick MOST people in to accept that they must get little pay and that they have to be on state wealth-ware called pension rest of their life up to death as useless, instead choosing normal model that has been on planet like children and parents and community each helping each other as they feel fit based on their own intelligence and style of life, they want to make global equal poor slave pool where few rich ones rule ALL global markets and regulate so it will be "equal" ... capitalism is just one of the Greek-Roman commies tools for enslaving us, by forcing everyone to use money by giving it out... and make us dependent of it...and make it illegal and impossible not to have money.. )

The Fabian Society is a British socialist organisation whose purpose is to advance the…
Margus Meigo Logo: Wolf in a Sheep skin, will explain it self as well

point of liberals, leftist, communist capitalists, is to separate parents and kids, alienate them in a way psychologically by various methods, that they will be dependent of state, free willingly, as if family structure is broken they discovered, and community love, then whatever people do they do in the end what the broken "culture" directs them ... and as in mass, they can be manipulated and forced to any kind of jobs, wages and wars on command and by manipulation, supper easy, most times in a way that they them self think it was their own personal revolution or directing fault, if needed against any kind of forces that evil it self can not touch directly like good religious or royal people who are under god protection , the few ones who are not infiltrated by VOldermart club jet,
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Margus Meigo f that,

 i my self am strong supporter of Hillary, any time,
even if She is by far more dangerous then Donald J. Trump
because she at least not sleeping around, and this IS the measurement to see, what man is worth... and how they sleep around, how they talk about it..
Also he choose women's from other lands that he can force to obey him, as afraid what local women's would do, when he forces he's tongue down a reporter throat

i am like that:

Margus Meigo

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Jessica Fox Whats wrong with u rob ur so annoying
Margus Meigo well, is a internet, only pace where one can answer to " Rob's " on any topic with out being in danger getting hit over a head with a stone , or needing earplugs, at all.
so it is pretty cool deal as one personally still has this old Irish kind of spirit's in in various way that say between out of order dirt some damn right (wing) correct things based on what one can start up some thoughtful conversation for a change, compared to all this soft liberal fake "equal" mass-production that communist suck Youth in to, to make them wrong way soft in Head, with fake acceptance in pretense sense of goodness for outer-image on to what in our own imagination others will "masturbate" about our awareness for we being so "balance", acceptance junkies,
just trouble is the balance scale is in a side that is by far unbalanced by doing it self this what one thinks others who are wrong is doing.

If someone is knowingly unbalanced is better then unknowingly unbalanced and thinks one is in balance between self honesty and goodness

A recut of one of my fav scenes from the movie "Revolver". Do not own any rights. Bulgarian…
Margus Meigo and when You are @it
starting to ask, what, why then
this is why

This is the last scene in a alternative cut of a movie.
Margus Meigo

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