Saturday, February 4, 2017

not in play thinking to much akon . where did you go

minus the cursing, just the refrane part

// even on this kind of songs, i gotta analyze all, what say what and why and how

//like who is right on to what point and from what point of view

Fort Minor - Where'd You Go

Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo hmm, interesting,
i know some sing these for in war like reasons, in weapony like, or in true confusion...angelic deceivit, but in here, hmm, who knows

Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo You can totally put blame on me
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo okey this is a bit personal
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo "Verizon also terminated its sponsorship of the pop star Gwen Stefani’s tour, for which Akon is the opening act. The move by Verizon has sent a chill through the ranks of touring pop artists and agents, who are left scratching their heads over their vulnerability to such penalties."|By Jeff Leeds
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo yea what got all this to do with main post,
well, not much really, just a little (what is this thing with people singing on autotune)
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo but yea, old times still still liked the answer from one Women of Akons ... well, but any man who ever talks like that women can EVER become real man anymore?
Besides,is that worry or kergendus, release
"political commentators, called attention to a video of him simulating sex with a fan onstage during a club performance in Trinidad several weeks ago. The fan, according to news accounts in Trinidad, turned out to be under 18 (and a pastor’s daughter). Yesterday Akon offered an apology that appeared to deflect part of the blame on to the club that admitted the girl.
Analysts and industry executives said that corporate sponsors typically study artists’ images before deciding to back them, and often press for the contracts to include moral clauses that allow the company to back out if an artist commits a crime or other misconduct. But analysts said that the recent episode with Akon could prompt them to take an even more expansive view. "

Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo but these are kind of songs are not in hearing list on long time, but as it seems...

Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo oneof the only few ones who i know to have been understanding be, orto be so patient
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo and likable
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo You should also meet girl Matias and Moonika
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Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo Was getting back to hostel today to see you up in daytime but You had just left
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo had plan to as Do you want to go world travel, while doing what we do
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo flags in order and not skipping wonderlands anymore
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo to find the one who reads sings and paatiently understands in lenghts as You is great D. 

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