Tuesday, August 9, 2016

for man rights

Denver man Chris Atkins, 48, is legally obliged to pay $730 each month to his ex wife, Lori Lonnquist, despite a DNA test recently proving he is not the child's father.

PeterSam Wolczuk
PeterSam Wolczuk Just look at that wounded look on her face. DID someone dare to inflict her with the truth?
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo yeah if you grow like father continue to be like father,
think about children moron, grow some balls
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo unless it's a witch child, or alien one, then call some other communities to help and get yourself forever out of that situation, if you are able to the end to be alive still
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo i mean, get out up to when you get possible nice way leaving, find a ticked, so you do not have to find no reason to anyone blaming you for leaving or leaving anyone with no care or running away by breaking shameful way bonds... do it proper and fast,,

tell them that you think they are form other species then you, and you happen to be from another flora, you spiritually discovered, and you need to get out, you finally realised you love, and thank you for that, that you help me to grow so far, and good by! "
Margus Meigo

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Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo but yea, if ordinary earth situation, man should be human side, and stay the human one on situation, with most greatest care and demanding peace and nice living, who ever they are

or i they (kids,wife,etc) prove purposely disrupting your communication with them (
kids,wife)  and your world integration, then you choose another, even alien family if needed
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo "who pay for children", "who balls was carrying seed", is little important right now, as long family is proper and kid in the end needs to get best growing, and who knows her better jet, who would need to start to get at least child report money if they feel they not father by feeling or emotion, but they want AS citizen, grow up this child!, Proper way!, (and you believe, siensire way, that you can handle women worlds and know how to take care of them in their way, also, what they need, or else it is not taking care but terror prison) then this should be basic demand, and if her mother is also there to help to do it, this is even greater, i might even become a man or husband if it continues good
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo and marry and then not get child support money, unless they two get married but child is still outside the family, but they still want to grow Her up.

As it seems, women also not want to get on with a children, to get away from situation, if story is true form that point of view, as it is projected.

But most of all, man who keeps growing child who is not theirs, and they do not emotionally engage with a women, nor imtime way specially, .. then they should get basic dollars from State, for doing first at all good deed, and for second, is better and cheaper then to grow up in foster home by more strangers, and is helping and benefiting all parts of participants like That better, so the Pay should be to a husband, bigger then total cost of what it costs for a mass keeping of child.

// (also helps to train man to be a bigger dad, with new consents, )//
With food and later rehabilitation and average worth of foster and real home child for society, how much average different is, just by one child life time,
as parents under observation and system fixed pay, is under watch anyway for ever, as they are part of system now.
Specially updated way, if they stay near to city

//also kids from not proper families should yes be separated to a better parent, actually, if Norway is doing right, to not grow up traumatized child, if man is to retarded to know how to direct women and grow up child, then it have to be taken away, unfortunately for women also, but if it is a man with who this child was made, and child does not crawl for mother, then is better to give new hope yes, but not for aliens for eating, but if child and mother each other really like, each other in quarantine situation, where can be bond tested, and they know, they have to make special bond there love each other or they will be taken away, and child can choose on that moment, do they want really separate,  so they can make trouble, and she know she will be saved, and after a week newer ever have to see each other, if it is a witch women, but if mother crawl for real, and child is wanted to be taken away, but child is old enough to say now, then longer period, of few weeks, with professionals, who take sides, and who know the truth, as much they can know, should guide and talk with them personally for a three weeks, in still normal looking Quarantine, or situation similar, where they know ,it is state situation, where misdeed, against their children need, was possibly discovered being done by someone" //
When first people demand, that all parents should have right to keep their child when kid does not want to...
Or where observants clearly can see, unloved repeated acting or extreme error
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo but if someone just does not care, at all, and does want to just get away from the situation, then tell them, this is how you feel, you understand this might sound really bad, but you just want to go in peace, you can not take it any-more, and then can even stay in any city place or whatever, as no one is watching you. To much or at all.

Specially if you lose the family and not able to make another deeper connection, then all past might go away and you not connected as human in the end, so you render yourself as useless

//specially take that in to consideration if You not able to make deeper human real relaxed connection, with new circle with on time, in years, it takes years. So if you plan to be 20 years more alive, it is long time to archive it, and realistic, but not to long to lay around with no plan for long, as not can rest before proper, before family and friends are done again, then when you can die in peace more, know hey not panic, all adults and in love, peace, everything will continue as needed, and then whatever is needed, but my part to right direction was done, and perhaps will stay as bright light and inner world, to your surrounding, for a time period what is reasonable, so many would fit, and just re waked, remembered main parts later //


  1. before was just different world human-consciousness-(some_call_that_also_soul) packing mechanism description, how various country can pack most effective way many who are in connection with each other,
    How many millions of groups you know who can be deeply connected with each other, with so many details, as humans, as surrender even as family, to a culture, or what you call it, what we got, in Estonia

    1. partly, but once you know it is, you already can more remember the facts that is needed to catch in a container, of an idea, that what you read might mean really more better then you thought, more real, and more accessible. to some.

    2. partly remember and remembering is consisting of parts that are all more or less significant, then no needles stories is needed, no space for lies, truth occupies less and is more useful if resolving the conflict that made lie, as they had no updated information about correct truth, how they can do better in more better way


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