Tuesday, August 9, 2016

universal income

Basic Income is often promoted as an idea that will solve inequality and make people less dependent on capitalist employment. However, it will instead…
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Michel Bauwens
Michel Bauwens http://voxpoliticalonline.com/.../corbyns-basic-income.../
Corbyn’s ‘basic income’ and housing plans spell radical re-think of British way of life
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo jup,
specially if people is so silly and keep living in alcohol and time wasting activities...
Smart group of people would be able to use that for good perhaps.. but for me, that would be biggest amount of money in years that am would have per month :p So hard to make me poorer with that move..

But yea, i know their plans, it was old time bitcoin meeting also explained, as one of the Russian groups had technology plans for make universal accounts and give everyone every month digital, as it would work out for some time well. As "money is invented anyway"
and it would be coming back in circles nearly "out of nowhere".

So yea.. but the point NEWER is the money, actually, for them, on highest darkest places, but to direct human using of things and activities, that they would keep it up so, as they would be able to use (on alien domains) use human various kind of energies but most of all to make with us in various settings and reasons.

This have been reason for most of the laws in last 2000 years, they just have to invent strong impenetrable cover, "system" for it, where looking in, no one would be able to find solution, and where nearly no one would be daring to imagine, that this is just invention, to do something completely else.

Reality is MUCH more harsh... yes, by earthly calculations, make poorer or richer, what ever benefits more, in various groups, to hook them up in fictitious jobs (in big picture) or in to situations where various human looking partners can access in real life or in sleeping places, work places, ... humans can be stopped, and resumed... they newer know. Except some mistakes and anomalies and species versions. Perhaps some training ones also.

So yea... read "Ancient Teachers of Making" page 370 or somewhere, was it about "alien nurses, playmates and ... for hybrid children" - this is one of the few good account collections in mainstream, have heard that from personal accounts, from many older women also, who live in proper high class life.
Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo It would be All good, (probabaly Fabian Society behind it..)
would be all good, if they would implement all the other norms same time, as same project.. you just can not start giving out money and hope people to get better, with out explaining them for what money is and for what to use it, But liberal hypnotized start to scream "ooh it is OUUUR business what we do... NOONE should tell us!! " pla pla.. idiotic reactions. Considered the situation.

We must, IF given for Free, explain Where and Why it comes, and in same document, (as is related to money people might read it if it is short)..
attached book to it, what is mentioned on the New Paper About Money (from these who hand money out..). Perhaps give out every month recite where words also remind "have You read this before, why You get this money and what should we do in Earth?"

and in that book, can ask from me as well, what should be there, but it should be from basic farming, proper goods, proper values in relations of humans and family, comparison of fake and real products common ones, extreme examples, comparing value of Cola and proper Juice ... comparing benefit of alcohol and proper other drugs and psychedelics, spiritual and godly domains and mentions of most important probably good nature beliefs.

Then it is like payng 100 eur a month (or how much was it? EU wanted to give 100 to 300 i think..) so people would read what is needed, specially needed for education large group of immigrants, to educate about our highest standard, matriarchal values and farming culture, .... as they many do not know or understand, why and how people get money here really.. many think we just do what we like and just get it.. as they do not see much a real work in city, just people running around... it is like different kind of alien world for them where they will be adjusting their life. As well as they know or bother.
Problem is not the ones who are able to copy our life, bigger problem might be, the ones who will be here with pride to not do our way, to not respect in our way, the ones who do not feel like guests. At least for now, when states stay strong as borders, people should be feeling like visitors in other land, not as permanent residents.
Many lands in Europe, have not worked to make their life impossible in their land, so we should not feel guilty.. but their strategy is always been also (the invaders) to take people from their home, and make their life so impossible, by using some gov's that these people are forced in to third place, so there would be conflict or culture demolition happening, but people who host visitors, will be manipulated by emotions, that You are terrible, if You not do it... but instead, we should working on getting their land on order, and sending people back to their home, when it is ready again, with new knowledges and health from Europe and other lands who help.
It is IMPOSSIBLE with SO great military forces as Russia, USA, China etc, and NATO, to be unable to go in from all directions, and make complete order fast in there, .. and by not moving local gov, just putting on to fact, that "You must start to live proper, build up your land, or else.. people wait to come back to your land"

but where we would find so real commanders, who would be able to do it..

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