Thursday, June 15, 2017

3 way marriaga and strane world

Ryan Field shared a link.
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A Gay Three-Way Marriage Three-ways have always been a big part of gay culture, but not usually long term three-ways. I've seen them mysel...
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Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo Next will be someone calling "a marriage" when one engages wit ha coffee machine .
Why they use this word, for something else? Not even funny as it is used so much some people start to forget, that this word meaning,
is ONLY, and ONLY possible when Female and Male JOIN IN TO ONE BODY,

yes, there is ritual some make some paperwork and church visits for some.. this is just local customs related to marriage, to get spiritual or legal protection,
but the point is, it is metaphysical, godly event, when Man will transform in to ANOTHER BEING, that is NOT man anymore, but an "husband"
women is not anymore a separate being, but they are ONE with a man,

But looking in what level some people make Las Vegas marry games, seems the "normal" people are the ones to blame first here, for destroying the actual meaning of what this word is. And always will be and always have been.

if You start to call elephant a CellPhone, it will not start ringing, she will still be a animal.
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Margus Meigo
Margus Meigo For basic education on Most important, most clear way look up Rabbi Manis Friedman
I-enjoy ang mga video at musika na gusto mo,…
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